• How do I schedule an appointment?  Do I need a referral from my doctor to make an appointment?  Just give us a call during our office hours, Mon-Thurs, 8-5 & Fri 8-3.  In most cases, we do not require a referral from your primary care doctor or pediatrician.  In the past, many insurances required you to have a doctor's referral to see a specialist.  (We are considered a specialist doctor's office - otolaryngology or ear, nose & throat).  Most insurances no longer require this.

  • Who do you treat?  ALL AGES!  Newborns to our elders over 100 years.  We are a general ear, nose and throat private practice and can manage the the vast majority of your ENT problems.  If you have a rare or complex condition, we work very well with the regional tertiary care hospitals and can provide follow-up care close to home.

  • Is Tiu ENT employed by any hospital or hospital system?  NO, Dr. Christopher Tiu, MD, PLLC and Dr. Jeremy Tiu, MD, PLLC are self employed and each own a separate professional limited liability company.  The doctors have owned independent private practices since 2007.  The doctors have excellent working relationships with the local hospitals and have staff privileges, where they perform surgeries and order tests.

  • Where do the doctors have hospital privileges?  Dr. Christopher has privileges at Wheeling Hospital and is in the process of gaining privileges at East Ohio Regional Hospital and Reynolds Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Jeremy has privileges at Wheeling Hospital, Reynolds Memorial Hospital (operating room only), and is in the process of gaining privileges at East Ohio Regional Hospital.

  • Do you treat allergies?  And do you treat kids for allergies?  YES & YES! We have our own ENT Allergy Clinic.  We test for up to 33 of the areas most common seasonal and household allergens.  We have 2 allergy nurses trained in testing adults and KIDS ages 5 and up.  We offer immunotherapy (allergy shots & allergy drops) to help combat your allergies.

  • ​Do you take WALK-IN appointments?  Technically, no.  We'd prefer you CALL AHEAD and get an appointment time for your SAME-DAY appointment.  We have several questions to ask you before you are treated in our office.  Due to the safety and health concerns surrounding Covid-19, we are also limiting the amount of patients in our waiting room.  We have a system established, whereas patients wait in their cars before they are treated by the doctor or practitioner.


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post-operative instructions.  Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns after surgery.


This is a comprehensive resource for ENT information and education.  This helpful website includes information regarding: typical ENT diagnoses & treatment, informative handouts and general facts about the practice of Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology).  The physicians are board certified and members of the Academy.

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Each of Doctors Christopher Tiu, MD and Jeremy J. Tiu, MD practice through their own separate professional limited liability company and are not to be construed or classified as a medical group as defined by the American Medical Association.  Furthermore, none of the entities listed above, or their employees, are affiliated with, or employed by, any hospital or health system.


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